Nyenyedzi Bio offers strategic biotechnology consulting to the African market. Advances in biotechnology and “big data” are rapidly changing health, agriculture, and renewable energy-based business models. There are increasing opportunities for existing businesses to improve their business models, as well as for new business models to be developed.

Nyenyedzi Bio develops tools and processes to aid decision making where biotechnology may be applied. We help you make more informed decisions about the direction your company should take.

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  • Head Consultant

Michelle Mukonyora


Michelle is currently a PhD (Med) candidate in Trichology and Cosmetic Science. She holds  BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in Biotechnology, where she completed research projects in departments specialising in nanotechnology, and animal vaccine design respectively. Her passion is studying life at the molecular level, and using that to solve health issues. Michelle also has experience in science communication as the editor of the online platform, Nyenyedzi Bio Life Science News.